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For international customers

Welcome to Kis kos műhely, we're so happy to see you here!

If you want to place an order outside of Hungary, please see the following terms & conditions first:

  • We ship international orders once a week and use a tracked delivery service.

  • Shipping costs vary by country between 5 to 20 Euros, but the exact amount depends on your location and the weight of your parcel. Therefore we kindly ask you...

  • ...to pay all international orders by bank transfer, after we contacted you offering the best shipping rate we could find. If you agree to the final amount, we'll send you an invoice.

  • We recommend that you use Transferwise to pay the invoice as it's a cheap, reliable and safe service.

  • Our bank details are the following:

    • Kremmer Sarolta e.v.

    • 16200223-10126064, Magnet Bank
  • The best news comes last: if your order exceeds 150 euros, we pay shipping for you!

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